Residential And Commercial Solar Panel Installation Service In San Diego, CA

Unlike other sources, solar energy does not cause any pollution. So most of the homeowners are slowly considering the use of solar energy for powering their appliances.
If you wish to make use of this green power, San Diego Solar has a wide array of panels for your home to absorb and store the energy.

Our Services

Solar Panel Installation

Solar power is gaining popularity these days and is undeniably free in nature, you do not have to pay anything for using it.

Inverter Installation

Our inverters are suitable for electrical appliances during power outages. It always gives priority to solar for charging batteries from solar panels.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels require regular cleaning, but overall maintenance is minimal.

System Monitoring

Always stay informed of the energy consumption you’ve used with system monitoring.

WHAT WE OFFERHow Solar Works

You have to take the assistance of our San Diego Solar experts to get your home evaluated and install new panels and start enjoying the benefits of solar power.
Our inverters also allow you to connect your solar energy system to the web so you can access information about your system.
At first, the cost for installation can be a bit high, but the savings you make down the line is also very high.
San Diego Solar will ensure that you understand all the legislative and interconnection requirements in your area regarding applicable incentive programs and net metering.
Only the amount of energy your system can send back to the grid at any one time.
For a superior watering system, have small panels installed on your garden to achieve fuller, lovely plants and flowers.

WHAT WE OFFEROur solar projects

Hubo Group

Elm Brook, ME
  • YGE 60 Cell Series Module Type
  • 4.6 kWp Rated System Power
  • Co2 savings – approx. 5 metric tons

WH Tildesley Ltd

Brooklyn, NY
  • Size – 250 kWp
  • Annual Energy Yield – 372.470 kWh
  • Co2 savings – 115.838 kg

N Brookes Ltd

Boston, MA
  • Rated System Power – 360 kWp
  • 1330 HVAC Solar PANDA  modules
  • Co2 savings – about 46.55 tonnes

HR Smith

San Francisco, CA
  • Module Type – HVAC Panda 60 Cell Series
  • Roof Space Coverage – 35,000 m2
  • Co2 savings – approx. 2,400 tonnes

Lindon Ltd

Brooklyn, NY
  • 65,000 Units;  HVAC 230 module
  • Number of Avg. Homes Powered – 1,900
  • Co2 savings – approx. 16,000 tons

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When you introduce San Diego solar panels for your home you can easily reduce the energy bills. You may have to spend some amount on the installation charges and buying the equipment.

Once the panels are installed you can start using solar energy to power certain home appliances. This can reduce the consumption of electricity. There is no need to worry during power outages also. So by using solar power you will not only be saving some money and electricity but also the planet by having a pollution-free environment.

After early questioning of the efficiency of solar cells, their conversion rate has been increasing year on year. Add this to the fact that there is still so much untapped potential with solar energy and it's easy to see why you might want to invest.

By switching to Austin Solar, you can take yourself off the power grid. No more transmission lines snaking over your roof.

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